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Smmriti Dhannuka - A Personal Stylist & Founder of ‘The Closets Fix’ from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Q1. How and when did you start your Entrepreneur Journey to serve in the Wedding industry? What inspired you to start your own business? I’m...

Q1. How and when did you start your Entrepreneur Journey to serve in the Wedding industry? What inspired you to start your own business?

I’m Smmriti Dhannuka, Founder of The Closets Fix. I am a graduate from a reputed Fashion College in London and have an experience of 15+ years in the Fashion Industry. I have worked with many Lux
ury Fashion Brands.

The Closets Fix owes its origins to a common sentiment faced by many - “I have a stuffed wardrobe, but nothing to wear!” Being a multitasking working mother I struggled with putting together looks for my social outings due to the  lack of time. I wanted to create a formula where anybody could dress in 10 minutes or less to his/her utmost satisfaction and that's what led to the rise of The Closets Fix. 

We create looks for our brides / bridegrooms (to-be- brides/bridegrooms) and their families so that they don't spend hours thinking what to wear and also not end up making wrong expensive choices ! 

Q2. Kindly describe more about your business, your role, products/services.

The Closets Fix (TCF) is a platform where seasoned stylists work with your closet and create your Personal Style Formula.

We style our clients based on their body type and lifestyle and create amazing head-to-toe looks accessible to them at the click of a button. 
I use my knowledge of fashion technicalities, fabric understanding, and clothing visualisation at The Closets Fix.
We provide 2 main Services to our clients -
  1. The Quick Fix - 15 looks curated for the bride for her Trousseau
  2. The Full Fix - An end-to-end service which includes Style Consult, Wardrobe Audit, Mix and Match, and Gap Identification, and shopping.
  3. Pre-Wedding shoot Styling 
  4. Honeymoon Styling 
  5. Trousseau  Styling

Q3. Please share about the unique feature/specialty/USP of your Product/Service.

  • We believe in Sustainability through re-wearing your clothes or up-cycling.
  • We don’t transform your style; we help you elevate your personal style.
  • We specialise in trousseau shopping to help you elevate your style in every aspect of your married life.
This helps you save time, save money and be confident with your style and purchases.

Q4. How would you explain the importance of your role in a Wedding?

The trousseau is as important and can be as sentimental as the bridal outfit itself. Starting a new life, it’s very important that a bride feels herself and is confident. We help brides with the same by helping them build a trousseau that will help them dress and feel their best.

We curate the best brands (in their budgets) and add a variety to her trousseau. We enable her to enjoy the process of shopping – as we do all the scouting, shortlisting and research. We also help the bride and groom to express their natural personality through  pre-wedding photoshoots and also for honeymoon styling!

Q5. What are the most common challenges you face at the wedding you are handling?

One of the major challenges that we face is the clients are often not clear about their style goals & budget. Another challenge we face is that some of the clients we have worked with loved to buy pieces only from the Sale section which does not reflect their true Style Interference from the family and busting the myth of colour is something we also deal with.

Q6. How do you deal with these challenges?

We help them by sending them a style quiz that helps them and us understand their style & budget goals and we then make an action plan for them based on the same . 

We calculate the Cost per Wear of the garments (cost of the garment divided by the number of the times it's worn)  based on how we can style some of the expensive pieces in multiple ways to convince them to buy less but buy better. We tell our clients to go with their own comfort with colour and style and not try to please everyone.

Q7. Could you share one of your most unique creations/experience for/of a wedding?

We curated the wedding trousseau for my cousin as she was working and didn’t have the time, also she didn’t particularly like the idea of going all over the place for shopping. We shortlisted brands that fit her style and then booked appointments with the concerned stores.

We also got some lengths, fits and colours customised for her to flatter her well. She was very happy with the result and had amazing looks for the 1st year of her marriage, and got lots of compliments!

Q8. What type of collaborations would you like to explore in future?

We are looking at theme-based weddings where we can help the whole family dress as per the theme. We are also looking at more trousseau shopping for brides.
We are looking to collaborate with - 

  1. Wedding Planners
  2. Wedding Anchors
  3. Jewellers 
  4. Fashion Designers
  5. Matchmakers / Matchmaking Websites
  6. Wedding Choreographers
  7. Photographers/Videographers

Q9. What is your vision for the next five years?
We plan on developing an app with at least 1000+ active users where we help the users build, organise, and understand their personal style.

Q10. What would you advise new entrepreneurs who want to start & sustain in the business?
Well my advice to new entrepreneurs is follow your heart - be committed and be committed to the result and not the timeline (don’t give up!)

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Interviewed, Edited & Published by : Khushboo Chotaliya  - Founder of Sanskari Decor from Mumbai, India.

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