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Chaitali Shah - Floral Designer & Founder of Roses Speak from Surat, Gujarat, India

Q1. How and when did you start your Entrepreneur Journey to serve into Wedding industry? What did inspire you to start your own business? In...

Q1. How and when did you start your Entrepreneur Journey to serve into Wedding industry? What did inspire you to start your own business?
In 2010-11, we came across the concept of Fresh Flower printing. We imported Chinese printer & machine from USA. We couldn't sell single flowers using this machine and both the machine become garbage for us. We put lot of time & money but both were in vain.  We didn’t stop there and finally we got success to develop our own Process & machine in 2012. We started our entrepreneurial journey to revolutionize the floral industry by combining the beauty of Mother Nature with the power of personalization. Our flowers are not a product but an experience for a lifetime. 

Q2. Kindly describe more about your business, your role, products/services.

We got success to develop the Process & machinery through which we are able to create Images, Logos & messages on to fresh live flowers without any chemical process. Whether it’s a Small flower bouquet, arrangement, accessories or a flower decor for Indian fat weddings. Customization, designing & detailing in flowers is our forte.

Q3. Please share about unique feature/specialty/USP of your Product/Service.

Our process to create images, logos & messages on fresh live flowers to handle any volumes with quality is our USP & monopoly in entire India and finest process available in Global market. Flower Decor with detailing using fresh flowers from across the Globe is our specialty. 

Q4. How would you explain the importance of your role into a Wedding?

A Wedding is all about creating experience and we at Roses Speak create these experience through FLOWERS.

Q5. What are the most common challenges you face at the wedding you are handling?

Indian Floral Industry is unorganized industry. Quality Flower Supply are limited & Uncertain. We have to work with uneducated though skilled labor force. We serve elite class of society. We have to work with the people who are bottom of the pyramid to serve them which is a big challenge. 

Q6. How do you deal with these challenges?  

This challenge forces me to start my professional Floral Designing study in 2013 which helped me to understand in and out of Floral Designing and variety of Flowers across Globe. To get consistent Quality Flower Supply, I personally visited lots of green house & growers across India and also tie up with lots of direct importers & growers internationally.

Q7. Could you share one of your most unique creation/experience for/of a wedding? 

As I mention that our flowers are an experience not a product & that is why even Prime Mister of India couldn’t resist himself in public to share his experience when he received our personalized & designer flower bouquet.

Q8. What type of collaborations would you like to explore in future?

Wedding planner & Event venues, Flower growers are also always a good connects for us. We want to expand Roses Speak nationally & internationally through our unique business model/opportunity. For this, we welcome all the likeminded person from each city of India & internationally. 

Q9. What is your vision for next five years?

Want to see Roses Speak in all the major cities of India & other Asian countries & UK. Want to do each & every floral decor so magnificent where even Lord Krishna wants to come to play his flute.

Q10. What would you advise new entrepreneurs who want to start & sustain in the business?

Every divine creation is different & unique in its own way whether it’s a Flower or Human being. Follow your own path.

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Interviewed by: Khushboo Chotaliya - Influencer & Co-Founder of Sanskari Decor from Mumbai, India.

Khushboo is a student of Digital Influencers Academy.

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