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Saranya Elangovan - Wedding Planner & Founder - Shree Devi Events from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Q1. How and when did you start your Entrepreneur Journey to serve into Wedding industry? What did inspire you to start your own business? Af...

Q1. How and when did you start your Entrepreneur Journey to serve into Wedding industry? What did inspire you to start your own business?

After managing my father's company (carton box manufacturing), I came out of it to follow my passion. I wished to be an independent women and started my entrepreneurial journey. From my childhood, I was fond of colours. So I wished to choose a field which is very colourful. And most importantly my interest in psychology pushed me to choose this industry. My friends supported me a lot; because of them, I am here today. My entrepreneur journey is much enjoyable with different experiences.

Q2. Kindly describe more about your business, your role, products/services.

Life is all about creating memories. At Shree Devi Events, our main aim is to create more sweet memories on our clients dream day. Finding a right venue, choosing a theme, backdrops, photographs, Makeup artist and catering, we take care of everything for the wedding. In addition, we help them in choosing right outfits.

Q3. Please share about unique feature/specialty/USP of your Product/Service. 

We provide Ayurvedic Beauty Therapy for bride and groom to look more attractive on their dream day. In addition, our Yoga Trainer and Nutritionist will help them for a healthy weight reduction if they need. And also we provide Marital Counselling for couples to start their life more romantic. Our aim is to build a healthy and romantic life for our clients.

Q4. How would you explain the importance of your role into a Wedding? 

Today's generation is very specific about their dreams. They have a lot of expectation regarding their big day. To fulfill those dreams, creativity and patience is very much important for a Wedding Planner. And well begun is half done. If a wedding, which is beginning of the life, is well planned, the rest of the life will be a lovable journey.

Q5. What are the most common challenges you face at the wedding you are handling?

Every wedding is a different experience for us. Different people, different expectations give us different challenges. But basically time is the biggest challenge we face in most of the events. Some clients contact us in very short time, which gives us more challenges to arrange their requirements. It is easy for us if they contact us 6 months before thier wedding date.

My team supports me the most to handle these challenges.

Q7. Could you share one of your most unique creation/experience for/of a wedding?

Once we had organised a wedding in a temple, which was a love marriage. Their parents were not that much intrested in that marriage. They didn't show interest in any arrangements. So more than them, as a wedding planner, I had a responsibility like their family member. I was supposed to take care of each and every little things in that marriage. This unique experience gives me much happiness in my entrepreneur journey.

Q8. What type of collaborations would you like to explore in future?

We are focusing more on Destination Wedding. We wish to organise weddings in the midst of nature. So we wish to collaborate with Resort Owners. And we also wish to get connected with Fashion Designers and Photographers all over India.

Q9. What is your vision for next five years?

We wish to organise weddings all over the world. We wish to experience the wedding planning in all the beautiful destination.

And we also want to fill happiness in 100 couples' life every year.

Q10. What would you advise new entrepreneurs who want to start & sustain in the business? 

Just listen to your heart. If you have the hope and courage within you, then no matter what others say. Just start your journey. Because only you know the hero inside you. And the important investment you need is persistence and determination to win in your entrepreneur journey.

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