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Hemangi Sahare - Cake Artist, Founder & Head Pastry Chef at Soul Sugar Bakery & Patisserie from Thane, Maharashtra, India

Q1. How and when did you start your Entrepreneur Journey to serve into Wedding industry? What did inspire you to start your own business? I ...

Q1. How and when did you start your Entrepreneur Journey to serve into Wedding industry? What did inspire you to start your own business?

I am an engineer by qualification and worked for a while but baking was always a hobby, I decided to switch my career and studied baking in 2013, from 2015 onwards I started my own business called “Soul sugar Bakery and Patisserie” to make customized cakes for all occasions like birthdays, weddings, etc.

Q2. Kindly describe more about your business, your role, products/services.

I’m the Founder and Head Chef of “Soul Sugar Bakery and Patisserie”. We make customized designer cakes and desserts to make your occasions super special.

Q3. Please share about the unique feature/specialty/USP of your Product/Service.

Our products are a visual treat as well as delicious, there is no limit to our cake designs and it can be anything you imagine. We use the best quality ingredients. As we have extensive experience in the hospitality industry, we are equipped to serve you in the best possible way.

Q4. How would you explain the importance of your role in a Wedding?

Weddings are very special and our creations (cakes) make sure they are made even more memorable.

Q5. What are the most common challenges you face at the wedding you are handling?

Since cakes need a perfect temperature and are delicate, making sure that the cake is transported well and are handled well at the venue is crucial so that when they cut the cake, it’s perfect!

Q6. How do you deal with these challenges?

Making sure that we communicate well with clients and ask them the schedule of the wedding and different events, make sure we know whether it’s an outdoor wedding or indoor and guide them with all the dos/don’ts.

Q7. Could you share one of your most unique creations/experience for/of a wedding?

There are many but once we made a huge 5 tiered cake for a Christian wedding and as the guests came in they started marveling at the cake and taking pictures with it as if it’s a tourist attraction. That was amazing. Another one was when we made a half and half wedding cake, one side white and classy for the groom and the other colourful and bright for the bride, a perfect union of their personalities for the cake, years on they still talk about that cake with fondness.

Q8. What type of collaborations would you like to explore in future?

I would like to collaborate with wedding planners so we can together create a better, more seamless and memorable experience for the wedding families.

Q9. What is your vision for the next five years?

The last 2 years have taught us how dynamic life can be so I’m always ready for changes. However, I would like to grow Soul Sugar to a 15 members team and serve 10x the clients I do today and make more people happy!

Q10. What would you advise new entrepreneurs who want to start & sustain in the business?

The first thing is to have optimism along with practicality. Be resourceful and self-aware and make the most of the resources you have. Don’t blindly copy others or listen to unsolicited advice from inexperienced people and be authentic, that is the only way you will enjoy the process of building a business sustainably. Also be adaptable, growth minded, learn from your mistakes, learn to handle negativity well and not get bogged down by it. Have patience; take it slow, great things take time!

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Interviewed by: Khushboo Chotaliya - Co-Founder of Sanskari Decor from Mumbai, India.

Referred by: Bharat Jethani - Relationship Marketing & Behaviour styles Expert from Mumbai, India.

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