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Pat L'Hirondelle - Founder of Parties by Pat, Personal Chef Services from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Q1. How and when did you start your Entrepreneur Journey to serve into Wedding industry? What did inspire you to start your own business? O...

Q1. How and when did you start your Entrepreneur Journey to serve into Wedding industry? What did inspire you to start your own business?

Over Three years ago, I felt that the food service industry could use more Personal Chefs who can customize and personalize a client’s special moment from Anniversaries, Birthdays to Weddings.

My inspiration is my passion for making great food and my satisfaction for pampering and taking great care of my clients.

Q2. Kindly describe more about your business, your role, products/services.

My Business, Parties By Pat is a one of a kind for the passion and loving that I put into every individual clients meal; every lunch, dinner or appetizer party is very unique and personalized.

I am the chef, dishwasher and organizer of every event. And sometimes I am the entertainer for my stories of the food world.

Q3. Please share about the unique feature/specialty/USP of your Product/Service.

A Personal Chef is a very special privilege that I carry; having the opportunity to cater, pamper and take very special care of my clients.

Q4. How would you explain the importance of your role in a Wedding?

Without food, there would not be a wedding; when we share food, we bond and create special moments that we will always cherish.

Q5. What are the most common challenges you face at the wedding you are handling?

Being as organized as possible can be a challenge, space in the kitchen(if there is a kitchen) can provides its difficulties and how the vendor has organized the facility can have its challenges as well.

Q6. How do you deal with these challenges?

I like to review my working space beforehand, so I can pre-plan in my head how I can be most efficient.

Q7. Could you share one of your most unique creations/experience for/of a wedding?

A wedding I catered to last year was at a green house, which was a real challenge for myself and the wedding planners; getting tables into place after the ceremony and for myself there was no kitchen, so I had to precook most of the meal, transport in hot boxes and then bring a table and a portable induction plate to cook and serve the meal for 15 lovely guests; after the ceremony and photos and cocktails, the event was about 2 hours behind schedule. But even after all that, my meal and service turned perfectly.

Q8. What type of collaborations would you like to explore in future?

The ideal collaborations for me would be an Event planner, Florist and Chocolatier.

Q9. What is your vision for next five years?

As my company expands in business, I would eventually hire a couple of servers to work with me and possibly another cook.

Q10. What would you advise new entrepreneurs who want to start & sustain in the business?

We all need to persevere, work hard and understand the needs of our customers and learn how to serve them better. 
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Interviewed by: Khushboo Chotaliya - Influencer & Co-Founder of Sanskari Decor from Mumbai, India.

Referred by Neha Sawant - Lifestyles Influencer from Mumbai, India.

Both Neha & Khushboo are student of Digital Influencers Academy.

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