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Abhinav Tripathi - Founder - Pageantry Productions - A Wedding Photography Company from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  Q1. How did your career journey start? Or Who/What inspired you to start this business/ entrepreneurship? So basically, after completing m...


Q1. How did your career journey start? Or Who/What inspired you to start this business/ entrepreneurship?

So basically, after completing my diploma in the vacation period I was looking for some work. Later I started working in a restaurant for a while. I always wanted to do something of my own later during all this was going on; one of my Photographer friend and his partner asked me to assist them for a wedding shoot. They both have supported me a lot in my journey. Eventually, I got interested in photography as it challenged my creative level and increased my creative dynamics and that brought me to where I am now.

Q2. Kindly share some information about your Business, products and services here. Also mention your USP if any.

Pageantry Productions is a wedding photography company. We provide Handcrafted Wedding Photography & Films.
We have covered weddings in 20+ cities in 3 countries. We shoot every wedding straight from the heart. 

Q3. Please share about unique feature/specialty/USP of your Product/Service.

Talking about unique features, we at Pageantry Productions provide services as per one's need. We customize your needs and give our 100% to make your moments special by putting extra efforts to make you relive those moments in the form of photos & films. We put our efforts and creativity to satisfy your visual aids.

Q4. How would you explain the importance of your role into a Wedding?

Photography is an important part of any wedding as there is a-lot going on the same day at the same time and each and every moment is important. So I would say we make those moments in a book where if a person goes back he can relive that day again & again and as many times as they want to. We capture every moment of a wedding whether it be emotional or happiness. We make best out of all the chaos and give our 100% to serve the best and make that day a memorable one. So as much as two families are involved, we are too involved in the same way & it’s such a surreal feeling!

Q5. What are the most common challenges you face at the wedding you are handling?

The most common challenges would be adjusting to the climate of the wedding place. We as a team have to set up everything so perfectly that it makes everyone happy. We cannot repeat any moment or ask someone to get married again, we have to make the best of each minute. Major tasks can be adjusting lights, camera and people. We make sure that we play safe & we keep one center angle for both photos & film, so that we don’t miss any important moment. By understanding the clients' need we know how we have to shoot a particular wedding. Knowing the best angle comes with experience. Managing things and hustle all around is a task, but as we say for good things one must struggle.

Q6. How do you deal with these challenges?

Dealing with these challenges has a whole heart and mind. We have to analyse and manage at the same time. We plan a few things in the first place and work at our instincts. We try to understand every situation and change our tactics accordingly.
We let our creativity and experience work.

Q7. Could you share one of your most unique creation/experience for/of a wedding?

I would say every wedding is different and unique in its own way and we enjoy each wedding and occasion as much as couples enjoy because we are a part of it. For me personally the LGBT couple shoot that I captured was an amazing experience. I could say seeing someone living differently and having a different choice in a country like India amazed me and made me so positive about how the world is changing around us and how our people are accepting these changes makes me so happy about it.

Q8. What type of collaborations would you like to explore in future?

Life is a journey full of surprises. I wish I really get to capture anything that comes around me; there are so many things in photography. Wedding Photography is just not a business but it's a medium which makes emotions feel. I am ready to explore any part of collaborations that come across. I promise myself to make the best out of it and serve the one BEST OF EVERYTHING.

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Interviewed by: Khushboo Chotaliya - Influencer & Co-Founder of Sanskari Decor from Mumbai, India.

Khushboo is a student of Digital Influencers Academy.

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